The Thoughts

I Won't Keep You Here


Are you left feeling hollow by a lack of classical instrumentation in your indie pop? Do not fret, my friends, the Thoughts have got you covered. Do you need a new soundtrack for these dark and depressing months wrought with disappointment and heartbreak? The Thoughts might just have you covered on that angle as well.

The Thoughts formed in 2007, when Seattle violinist Katie Mosehauer joined forces with chief singer-songwriter Ian Williams and drummer Jon Horwath, who'd been playing together "for a long time." On the band's excruciatingly cute website (www, Williams describes himself as "a mostly harmless animal who wanders the cities of the Pacific Northwest, though some sightings happen as far east as NYC. He went to school, studied music and theatre, and writes songs. He loves crows, but crows don't love him. He would like to meet a polar bear, but it suspects that the polar bear might be indifferent, or possibly hostile. He likes that whales sing songs." Not surprisingly then, themes of nature, animals, and love and loss run throughout the band's 2011 record I Won't Keep You Here: "Thoughts of you keep me up at night/I should be sleeping/I should be sleeping/All the stages of sleep mean nothing with no one there/To measure and record them" ("Stages of Sleep") and "I know that you're not happy here/And it wasn't that cold this time last year" ("I Know You're Not Happy Here").

The opening track, "Orange Sky," features stirring vocal crescendos, accented by Mosehauer's sweeping violin, and you get the instant impression that this trio is confident and competent in their respective instruments. Horwath counts among his influences John Coltrane, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Jon Fishman, Greg Saunier, and Ringo Starr, and the varied influences show in the band's music, whose detailed and crisp percussion suggests careful attention to detail. Fans of considerate chamber pop with folk undertones could do worse than to check out the Thoughts. recommended

The Thoughts play Jan 30 at Tractor Tavern. The CD-release show for I Won't Keep You Here is March 11 at Sunset Tavern.