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Death: SpiritualMentalPhysical


What would you say are the essential (or basically listenable) tracks on the album?
"The Masks," which quotes the Beatles' "Got to Get You Into My Life";"The Change" and "David's Dream," which are beautiful, contemplative instrumentals;"Can You Give Me a Thrill?" a rugged, Thin Lizzy-like chug;"People Look Away," an homage to the Move's "Do Ya."
Cool, thanks!
It's all listenable, just dunno if you'll revisit...or be bummed you spent what like $15 for an LP/CD. Anyways, this is how I heard em...

"Views" - bar band, but in a good way, boogie...a bit stock
"The Masks" - cheeky Beatles nod, but then slips into MC5 riff, fades out too soon
"World of Tomorrow" - not quite finished...
"Can You Give Me A Thrill" - stock Flamin' Groovies boogie
"People Look Away" - good anthemic rewrite (is it "Sweet Jane" or "Do Ya"...or is "Do Ya" a rewrite of "Sweet Jane" AW SHIT! ), but then it fades out.
"Storm WIthin" - "Black To Comm" perhaps? Without the freakout.

The other four tracks are junk.

"Can You Give Me A Thrill" and "People Look Away" - prolly my picks
Thanks guys, I'll probably pick n' choose via iTunes or Amazon. I bought FTWTS via iTunes (the only iTunes purchase I've ever made aside from Cave-In's recent EP) and loved it (Rock N Roll victim ended up being kinda meh but everything else was solid dope). A total revelatory breath of fresh air to my bandmates and I at the time. These guys were pretty damn revolutionary given the era they recorded in.

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