Music Mar 2, 2011 at 4:00 am

10.4 Rog and The Good Sin's Late Identifies with the Listener


You do know that most of the women in the rap vids and parties are hired ... I ain't sayin' there aren't some fine women who like hip hop, but reality ain't like the vids ...
Really Will? Thanks for clearing that up.
I'm completely dating myself, but I loved the rap of the 80s. It was about finding and expressing commonality, about having fun with friends, about being goofy, and having a good drink in hand. I still vividly remember the lyrics and the way I and my crazy ass friends danced to the music. Good times!
While it's been a short year thus far, this has to be my favorite album to this point. 10.4 has a big future ahead of him.

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