Deep from within the gurgling loins of Seattle's sonic leviathan, a hardcore band has been spewed forth. They are Tit Pig, a widemouthed, 6-month old American four-piece, named after famous gay porn star Steve "Tit Pig" Hurley, and you need to see them. Tit Pig music is fast and crass, and hammers at punk-metal and thrash with elements of Minor Threat, GBH, Dead Kennedys, and Void. Live, they're a freak sonic monstrosity in heat. Singer Sean Prawn Evoy, bassist Eric Yates, guitarist Willy Nilz, and drummer Chris "Sectomy" Byrne claw, jeer, spit, and shriek; shit gets broken. Songs are bursts, rarely going over two and a half minutes. Sets are reckless melees that repulse and propel. Evoy whips up listeners with taunts, throws his body at the crowd, and annihilates his larynx with elongated volleys of screaming. Nilz's guitar work runs tightly untamed through the backbone of the songs. His solos unleash smartly, scattering and spiked. (Is Nilz Seattle's Slash?)

Tit Pig's subject matter is often disturbing (see: torture, human waste, Armageddon, cruising the streets for fornication, Nazi war criminals), but being disturbed never felt so right. A Tit Pig show is a place where people can go crazy, lose their brains, and not have to worry about it. Tit Pig will clear you of your pent-up aggression. They embrace that dark, destructive human instinct, and they have fun with it. This isn't music for Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music. This is music wild boars have violent, squealing sex to, in mud. If it's a "doe, a deer, a female deer," Tit Pig shoot that doe down, carve off its thigh, eat it, then regurgitate it up all over Julie Andrews's "drop of golden sun." Then they eat Julie Andrews, or at least make jerky out of her. Next month, Wall of Dogs, a division of TJ Cowgill's Actual Pain, is going to release a limited-edition 10-song Tit Pig cassette. I followed the mild-mannered Evoy and a film crew to Vashon Island for a video shoot. We were looking for pigs.

How did Tit Pig form?

There was a barbecue at my house with a ton of friends, and we were listening to Minor Threat over and over again, getting drunk and breaking stuff, throwing chairs off the porch and lighting them on fire with lighter fluid. We were bored with the sounds of last summer's local bands. I wanted to make music with the brand of intensity again like those bands did in the early '80s, where it's fun to lose control and let loose. Every concert I went to last year, the people would have their arms crossed and be all dressed up in groovy '60s-vibe apparel. I was tired of that energy. Tit Pig came from that. When you search for information on us, you're met with a wall of gay porn. You may very well see a picture of someone getting fisted by a large bear who's smoking a cigar. It's all in good fun. My grandma doesn't know what to think.

What are your priorities?

I want our friends and fans to feel like they're part of the show, and that they have fun. We put the audience first. They're just as important as us—even more important because without them going wild, it's just another band practice for us.

What's this new Tit Pig video about?

It's a reverse snuff film. We're shooting it in 16 mm. I'm going to kidnap someone, and instead of torturing them, I'm going to torture myself. You know, I'll put cigarettes out on myself and stuff. Cut myself. I might jump in a bathtub with a toaster. And my victim has to sit there and watch.

Beautiful. What's your lyrical process? Where do your words come from?

I'd say I manipulate words to make them fit the music. I try to let the words happen naturally. Either Willy or Yates will come up with a riff and start playing. Then Chris starts playing. I'll come up with a rhythmic pattern based on them, and there you go—another Pig hit. I make tapes of practice and write lyrics based on the rhythmic pattern I had come up with. As Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!"

Do you ever direct your writing toward specific things? Like, do you ever think, "I'm going to write a song about a lightbulb"?

Sometimes I do. If I'm inspired by something. Like "The Butcher of Lyon." That song came about because I read this book about Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie and wanted to write a song about his life. A lot of people don't know it, but he became a US informant after the Nazi party fell apart. He was this crazy war criminal, and the US government helped him escape to Bolivia. And he taught the Bolivian government all these torture tactics. They ended up catching Che Guevara that way. Barbie was involved in the all the cocaine cartels, supplying them with guns. It's an interesting story. He ratlined through the Catholic Church and the US government to Bolivia.

What's ratlining?

Ratlines were escape routes for Nazi's fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These priests created fake documents with different governments and brought Nazi war criminals to places like South America.

What made you want to read a book on Klaus Barbie?

I've always been into history. There's going to be a "Butcher of Lyon II" that deals with the second phase of his life.

What other periods of history interest you?

Genghis Kahn.

A violent emperor who conquers.

Did you know that when people fought Genghis Kahn, he was actually somewhat considerate? He was also the first person to use germ warfare. He would use catapults to heave rotting carcasses at bridges and towns, and it would start disease.

Because catapulting dead carcasses at a town is considerate.

And his military strategies are really significant. He also had a lot to do with world trade. He set up trade routes of silk to India [and other parts of Asia]. He was a very destructive person, but some good did come of it.

What makes the Tit Pig world go round?

Depends on the day. If there's a full moon, watch the fuck out. We come alive after the sun goes down. I'm a seeker. I'm really into the first Iron Cross 7-inch, Skinhead Glory. It's fucking amazing. A true classic. Also, lots of '90s death metal. I love it. Number-one jabroni for me right now.

[At this point, on Vashon, we found a farm with animals. There was a pig. Evoy got out of the car, climbed the fence, and sat in the pig's vicinity. He became quiet, transfixed in the swine movements. The pig in turn watched him.]

Do you want to pet the pig?

I want to suck its teat.

It's male.

That doesn't matter.

Describe a Tit Pig show.

First, Yates gets drunk, and the rest of us play catch-up all freaking night. I'll pace around frantically until we go on. I'm always really nervous until we start. I'll goad the crowd a little and get them as angry as I can, because violence is fun, as we all now know. I love watching it all turn into a shit show.

Y'all are playing Magma Fest in Ballard. You like Ballard right?

Not so much. People in Ballard suck balls. Too many snooty stores. I like Magma Fest, though, and Hollow Earth Radio.

Talk about your upcoming cassette release.

There are only going to be 100. Wall of Dogs is putting them out, thanks to TJ Cowgill. The 30 we get are going to record labels with a handwritten letter using a pen I got from David Koresh. How many people can say that they have a pen Christ once used? Yeah, not many.

Where'd you record?

At our own Brokedown Palace. The new TacocaT record was also done there. We live in a palace of local artists. It's communal living because we're poor white trash.

Talk about the cult you were in.

Tit Pig were all longtime members of JZ Knight's cult in Yelm. So are Pat Cashman and John Keister of Almost Live! There's talk that John, Pat, JZ, and I might do a TacoTime commercial this June.

Are you into the golden shower?

Only if JZ Knight is involved. I'm into giving them. I'm into water sports. You gotta mark territory every once in a while.

Has anyone in Tit Pig ever taken part in scatting?

Scatting is a no-no. I'll leave that to Blake Lewis and his mob.

Have you ever smoked crank? Describe what smoking crank is like.

I grew up in Kent, which is right next to Auburn, so there's pretty much no way you can get away from the stuff. I myself have never tried it. I still have my teeth. One time I saw a mobile meth lab blow up in front of a Fred Meyer. recommended