Hellooomosexuals! Saturday night continues to get more and more competitiver, with notable events (and even notabler event producers) duking it out for your lovely attention; green, green Benjamins; and sparkly adulation. In THIS corner, we have Bacon Strip BLUE PLATE SPECIAL, another drag-studded cabaret spectacular birthed from the big birthing brain of the one-and-only Sylvia O'Stayformore—she of the perma-smile, even perma-er perma hair, and irresistible welcome-home charm. (Not a bitchy bone in the bitch's body—and for a drag queen, that's saying two and a half mouthfuls, lady.) And precisely how, how, HOW, I hear you ask, does this event distinguish itself from Sylv's monthly magnum opus Bacon Strip? Well, it's billed as, um, cabaret, yes, I suppose so, but also vaudeville and burlesque, which Bacon Strip also kind of has, plus it's at Re-bar, so maybe it doesn't distinguish itself all that much really (at least on paper), but that hardly matters—our queer little world has more than enough room for a little more Sylv now and then, if you ask me. (And you DID, you just don't remember it. LOOK! A SQUIRREL!) Hosted by Jinkx Monsoon. Re-bar, 8 pm, $15, 21+.


Aaaand in THIS corner: FRINGE at the Eagle. We haven't heard from Fringe in a while. This is true. (Was it happening? Was I doing something else? A mystery.) Kevin Kauer (aka DJ Nark)—he of the many tattoos and the Nark Magazine—has snatched up one of the roaming Ru-Paul's Drag Race alums, who all seem to be making some kind of mass cross-country migration. Her name is Ongina, and Nark has tossed her in with Cherdonna and Lou, ArtStar, himself, and more. Hosted by, um, Jinkx Monsoon. Who is powerful enough to headline two events on the same night, apparently. WITCH! (Overexposure? Who the hell said ANYTHING about overexposure?) The Eagle, 10 pm, $5 before 11 pm, 21+.