Denver electronic artist Pictureplane (aka Travis Egedy) is a far-out, high-minded futurist producer with a flair for orgone-saturated rave-ups and fingernail painting. He's currently touring behind his groovy new concept record, Thee Physical.

You have one of my favorite Twitter accounts. I think you were the first person I ever saw tweet about being on the toilet.

That's surprising. Maybe no one's talking about it, but I feel like everyone's looking at Twitter while they're taking a shit.

I know you're a fan of Throbbing Gristle and their "post-human explorations" and experiments with chaos magic... do you have a personal interest in the occult?

Deeply. It's funny, the word "occult" gets a bad rap. People say "the occult" and it's like immediately you think of pentagrams and Satan or negative beings, but all that word means is something that's hidden... I've always had an interest in the unseen, the things behind things. The more weird, the more interesting.

What city has the most enthusiastic dancers at the clubs you've played?

I've had a lot of good shows. It's more rare that I'll have a bad show that no one dances at. Most cities in America do it pretty well. A few are scared.

Like Seattle. What color are your nails right now?

They are unpainted right now.

Do you ever wish we lived in the Total Recall future where you could just change your nail color instantly with a stylus?

Well that would save a lot of time, wouldn't it? In The Fifth Element, Leeloo has this eye-makeup machine where she just puts her eyes up to it and she has, like, full eye makeup on. Getting ready for work would be a breeze.

Do you have a lot of friends who are getting into Ancient Aliens because it's on Netflix now?

I don't know any new recruits into the extraterrestrial belief besides people who are already interested in it. I also don't know anyone who has a TV.

What is the one trance essential everyone should have on their iPod?

"Castles in the Sky" [by Ian van Dahl]. Super-emotional, transcendent trance music about there being castles in the sky. It's good. recommended