Day three of local niche label Debacle Records' four-day outsider music bacchanal Debacle Fest features both afternoon and gloaming-hours shows; the former at Black Lodge, and the latter next door at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery (21+). The all-ages day show features the minimal, kraut-y loops of Sorry (Neighbors' David Bourgin), ambient wunderkind Secret Colors, Megabats, Vitamins, some poser band called U.S.F., and Seattle's Best and Loudest Electronic Band™, U. The festival also celebrates the release of new Debacle material by Sorry, Secret Colors, Megabats, Brain Fruit (who play the night show), and seven others. If you can't make it Saturday, there are shows Thursday, Friday, and Sunday as well—with great bands like Tiny Vipers, Crystal Hell Pool, Plankton Wat, Brother Raven, and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. Learn more at Black Lodge, 2:30 pm, $7.


Like Debacle Fest, Cairo's Expo series of weekend DIY music festivals have been a local institution for years. This summer, the art space/vintage store/label is mounting its first-ever free outdoor concert at Volunteer Park. The lineup for Vibrations includes a handful of Cairo regulars (Witch Gardens, Stephanie, Charles Leo Gebhardt IV) and some of the Mercer Street hangout's most vaunted visitors of the past year (Portland R&Beats duo Purple & Green, Seapony). Also on deck: Flexions, Metal Chocolates, between-set DJs, and San Francisco trio Grass Widow, who're admired for their stereo harmonies and crackling, pastel-smeared pop. Volunteer Park, 2 pm, free.