The new full-length from Ernest Greene (aka Washed Out), Within and Without, brims with songs that are pillowy, soft, and calculatedly romantic. I recently revisited some footage of Greene previewing his Without material at a Vera Project show in 2010, and I was struck by how the transformational power of a solid sound system and a healthy dose of in-person energy™ Hulked-up his downy jams into boogie-prompting bangers. Let's dance. Neptune Theatre, 8 pm, $15 adv/$17 DOS.


If Washed Out's libidinous, smog-cloaked grooves aren't your speed, then you could try rocking along to Seattle's finest electro-pop purveyors at this Grammy U mixer, where you'll have the chance to schmooze with all kinds of industry pros, including recording studio owners and engineers, musicians, managers, and other troublemakers. Also, FREE BURRITOS. Vera Project, 6 pm, free.



Seapony look back to the C86 era of twee and shoegaze pop, draining all that period's bashfully lustful nutrients and transfusing them into post-retro new-millennium lo-fi ballads (yes, that was a lot of hyphenates, even for me). Orca Team are similarly sugar-sweet, but their expertly rendered old-school rock-n-roll ditties are more full-bore aesthetic revivalism along the lines of, say, the Northern Soul movement. It's a total flashback, in the best way possible. Also, frontman Leif Anders has started popping down on his knees and bouncing back upright for his bass solos, which looks like too much fun. Cairo, 8 pm, $5.