I'm normally extraordinarily punctual with my columns, but I've been putting this one off as much as possible, probably because "good-byes" are hard and I stress about fucking them up. While it's been awesome spending the last 10 months in the pages of The Stranger—where I started out as a pimply 16-year-old news intern—I recently accepted a full-time job at local label Hardly Art, and it's going to preclude me (for reasons both ethical and stamina-based) from continuing to write this column.

I'm bummed about it, but at least I survived this column in one piece; other veterans of Underage were permanently warped by its unyielding constraints and distressingly low pay-to-effort ratio. Megan Seling is now a hopeless sugar addict, and Casey "Circus Barker" Catherwood is incapable of speaking below a certain decibel range.

Seriously, though, this has been a really fun music section to be a part of. I want to thank Megan for being so gracious and chill about me taking the reins of the column, and Grant for being shrewd enough to veto my stupidest ideas (at one point, I actually wanted to use the titles of 1990s volcano-based disaster movies as the subheads for a week's worth of shows). Oh, and if I had to make one last concert recommendation? The M. Women LP release party on October 15 with Olympia's the Family Stoned and longtime favorites Naomi Punk. Cairo, 8 pm, $5.