This is the eighth annual Regrets edition of My Philosophy. Reading the first one, from 2004, just tripped me the hell out. I said then that I wasn't regretful, and I guess I'm still not, at least in the sense that I try not to dwell on mistakes, but just do better. But this year's been hard and shit; I've been hard on myself. So I've got a couple of regrets. I regret not seeing more shows, I regret seeing some of the shows I did see, I regret not sleeping enough, I regret sleeping too much, I regret being stressed, mean, or uncommunicative, I regret all the times I wasn't present, all the times I was late, all the times I didn't write about your shit, or even that one time I did write about your shit and you took it totally wrong. I regret not taking my own advice. I regret ever being out of touch, out of sync, out of weed, out of my coverage area, or out of time—and I especially regret if anyone felt like I wasted theirs. I don't feel like I've wasted mine, though, and I don't regret the path I've chosen. Even though I know I can't do this forever, I don't regret still being here. I certainly don't regret if I ever said anything that helped make you feel more connected, informed, or happy.

I did ask a few folks around this piece if they had any regrets they'd care to air. Some said no, some said yes, and of course some said yes and never got back to me. Come, taste their tears with me:

Type (Wuf Tix/the Let Go): "I regret being 'curious' about what Club Z looks like on the inside."

Jake One: "I regret jinxing the Husky football team by doing the 'Dawgs in the House' song with Sol, Preach, and Geo."

Chev: "I regret waiting for other people. I regret not keeping in contact with so many of my friends who I love unconditionally. I regret admitting that I farted—so now I get blamed for yours. I regret getting so drunk I blacked out and told you to suck my dick, 'because I'm really a nice guy.'"

Billy the Fridge: "I regret drinking Ronald McFondle's Kool-Aid."

Sharlese Metcalf (KEXP): "I regret that I got too wasted on my birthday and threw up cucumber vodka the next day."

Spaceman: "I regret not dropping Featuristic earlier."

Hyphen8d (State of the Artist): "I regret not trusting in myself and following inspiration before I lost the opportunity. I can be my own biggest fan, but more often than not I'm my biggest obstacle."

Rob "Big Rob" Milliron (Members Only): "My life is infinitely better because of the people in it, and treating them badly and taking them for granted is my biggest regret."

Lisa Dank: "Let me think... NOTHING. I REGRET NOTHING. Except MAYBE climbing into the cage at the Eagle after blacking out at the Stranger Genius Awards and losing my favorite mega-power crystal ring in the process."

See you next year, everybody. Love. recommended