I regret the douchey blogger's post concerning the eviction threat to Capitol Hill all-ages venue Healthy Times Fun Club, which ultimately (paired with already bleak times) led to its demise. One of the city's greatest safe spaces for cultural creativity, HTFC will continue—at least conceptually—with future innovators of all-ages music in Seattle. And because it lives, don't be surprised to find another Healthy Times popping up in some other basement. RIP. I regret sacrificing my best cardigan sweaters and knitted accessories to the Black Lodge, year after year. The police regret misunderstanding performance art at a house show in the U-District, when the band led the entire party out of the house and around the block, right past policemen who were en route to investigate the noise. Greeted with the solitary drone of a loop pedal and an empty house, they simply retreated. I regret ditching my beer in the bushes. I regret the breakup of local bands Eel Eater, Tit Pig, and Wet Paint DMM. I also regret the hiatus of Butts. I regret the loss of punk legends/grrrls Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex) and Laura Kennedy (Bush Tetras). Oh, cancer (and hepatitis), up yours! RIP, ladies. I regret the existence of the dudes I threw out of an all-ages show at my house. They came wearing helmets and started a mosh pit for two, taking out everyone in sight. Just them, flailing around my living room by themselves, surrounded by 30-plus scowling faces. After calling them out, they claimed I didn't know what punk was. I do not regret dropping out of the GG Allin School of Punk. Mostly, these dudes regret dropping out of elementary school. recommended