It all began in the ancient mists of just a handful of weeks ago, in an obscure and far, far-away-ish place called the Alibi Room or something (and YES, ANYwhere off the Hill is far-away-ish, please to note). The combination of elements was simplicity: Sexy and talented DJs bringing rich and rare Japanese and/or Korean pop mixes to the sexy and gay JK-Pop-starved masses. The masses responded en masse (appropriately enough) with enthusiasm and élan. And so! The event, exploding now with more popularity than a pile of drunken cheerleaders, shall no longer linger so dreadfully in the far, far-away-ish-ness, as they've hauled the entire Japo-Koreo or whatever shebang up to the Hill and down to Barboza for easy access and very much good times. With DJs Bishie, Hojo, and Baby Love Crash. YOU MUST DO THIS THING! Barboza, 9 pm, $3, 21+.



WHY AREN'T YOU PAYING NEARLY ENOUGH ATTENTION TO FLY MOON ROYALTY? What's wrong with you? Where were you born? Who're your people? Where's your mama? Gol. Anyone with any ears and/or a sense of fun whatsoever loves the Fly Mooners. Like lesbians love labia for lunch. Like drag queens love lipstick. Like the deserts miss Lorraine! The fierce and fabulous Adra Boo heads the pack with a sassy, classy, shake-that-assy esthétique that cannot be resisted, and DJ Action Jackson brings some sophisticated electrosoul beats and often a jaunty chapeau to boot. The event is the Space Needle's big-ass 50th birthday party, and there are a ton of other worthy acts on the bill, too (Candysound, Vendetta Red, Seacats, and Brothers from Another, to name four), but for me and you? It's all about the Boo, baby, and the diva herself would like to personally remind everyone that this event "is FREE for all our frugalista (aka 'broke as hell') friends, and every band is covering artists that have performed live at Seattle Center in the last 50 years." Shake it, lady! We're coming to love you. Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre, 2–8 pm, free, all ages.