Our all-too-proud nation recently celebrated what I suspect is our soon-to-be-newest federal holiday, Black Friday! This might be the best holiday yet, because it actually gets celebrated earlier and earlier every year—as people now push back from their family's Thanksgiving table so that they can cram the tiled halls of malls from coast to coast. In an orderly fashion, they feverishly swipe overstressed credit cards through the ass cracks of consumerism, America's favorite greased-down WorldStar Honey. Now, I'm no different, except that I'm antisocial in my old age (in hiphop years); online sales exist for me.

That said, Seattle's Moor Gang decided to use that Friday to drop a bunch of product, including a new Harry Clean–directed video for Jarv Dee's top-shelf "Status," a mixtape from Chiefin (Been Chiefin), and "Rockstar Life," a joint from J. Byrd the Low Life. The biggest news, however, was new releases from Nacho Picasso—more on that in a sec—and their "first lady" Gift Uh Gab. Her excellently titled Queen La'Chiefah not only harks back to the '90s heyday of cold females on the mic via the name and the cover (a take on Queen La's Nature of a Sista')—her rugged, kicked-back rhyme style evokes Nonchalant and the Lady of Rage. Hardcore but far from Hard Core (as in Lil' Kim, for the slow kids), Gabby asserts her prowess as a smoker, smears disdain for those of weak character, and bigs up her own skills like a Timbaland-sportin' shorty straight outta Rap Pages, yet retains an on-time cool that's hardly throwback. Short version: She gets it in, and you can definitely get this work (on Bandcamp now) if you're 'bout it. Oh, and PS: I know her name is gonna bug anybody old enough to know of or enjoy Blackalicious—who happen to be coming to town next week—but it is what it is. I really don't think that she gives a fuck.

Speaking of not giving a fuck, what better example of that is currently to be found in the town than Nacho Picasso? For Moor Friday, he released an album called Black Narcissus in conjunction with the good folks at Alive & Well. It's the first physical CD of his you'll find (if you can find it by now), and it's also the first release without Blue Sky Black Death he's done since his debut, Blunt Raps. The beats are provided by his longtime collaborator Raised by Wolves and Seattle's own Eric G. You know what to expect from Nacho by now—meticulously constructed crassness and '80s-horny-bully bars. "This ain't a mixtape—this a prick's tape," he rhymes on "Win-Win," which follows a song hilariously called "American Literature." This makes three albums from Nacho in 2012: Exalted remains my favorite, but neither this nor Lord of the Fly could be considered a slouch by any means—and more to the point, I'm a fan of his work ethic, as should you be. Rappers reading this who have terrible, awkward flows, voices, and energy—please don't take that last sentence as encouragement. recommended