Hello and welcome to our Seattle queer band roundup! "Queer bands," as we are using the term, are like other bands, only they have queer members. Just like when a "girl band" has all women in it, or like the rare "dude band," full of dudes. For some bands, sexuality and LGBT issues play a prominent role in their music, while other bands of queer persuasion simply play music and happen to not be straight. We gaylords, fag hags, and glitter-encrusted allies over here at The Stranger make efforts to ALWAYS include queer musicians in our coverage (unless they suck), so this queer-band presentation is less like a "token list of things we never care about until there's a holiday based on it" and more like "SWEET! In honor of this being The Stranger's Queer Issue, here are six great queer bands we'd like you to check out, regardless of whether or not they are playing a show in the next seven days, which is usually the first thing we base music coverage on!"

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