Jail Weddings were SO VERY LOUD and EXCELLENT with their burning punk-soul at the Comet last Friday night, they blew a fuse mid-set and the whole place went dark. The power was restored except for the stage lights, which were left off so the show could go on. Visible in the half-light: a shirtless man who may or may not have been on hallucinogens writhing to the music on his back on the floor.

Pearl Jam dropped the video for new single "Mind Your Manners" on Friday, featuring an animated Space Needle getting hit by lightning, Eddie Vedder's crappy goatee, a little bit of plaid, and zero ukuleles.

• Sub Pop psych-rockers Rose Windows scored a cameo in Paul Thomas Anderson's upcoming film adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice. The band is "contractually prohibited" from speaking about it, so next time you see them, just "wink wink, nudge nudge" them about what Joaquin Phoenix is like IRL.

• During MTV's Video Music Awards on Sunday, Seattle's own Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took the awards for best hiphop video and best video with a social message. This comes after Macklemore caused some noise on the interwebs by declaring last week that if he weren't white, his success in the rap game would most likely have never happened. But Mack said this sort of thing long before he was famous—the track that launched his career back in 2005 is called "White Privilege."

• Former Funhouse owner Brian Foss has started booking rock/punk/fun shows at a venue in Sodo on Airport Way called Bogart's. Now if only they'll let Foss put a giant clown head above the sign...

Seattle Weekly's Ballard-based Reverb Festival has been canceled. A post on the paper's Facebook page stated, "The decision to call off the 2013 edition of the annual festival was made in response to lower ticket sales year over year and the festival's inability to attract larger sponsors to help cover costs." According to organizer Kwab Copeland, this year's Reverb (which was slated for October and would have been the festival's seventh year) lineup would have included the Intelligence, Vox Mod, Lori Goldston, Key Nyata, and Davidson Hart Kingsbery. Bummer, sounds like it would have been a blast.

• It's official—Waxwing are back! At their Vera Project show on Saturday, the turbulent and emotional rock band—featuring Rocky Votolato and his brother Cody Votolato (of the Blood Brothers)—sounded as great as they did before breaking up in 2005. The set included "One for the Ride," "Kill the Messenger," "Everything's on Fire," and even a new song. According to the band, one member of the audience traveled all the way from Vienna for the reunion! recommended