"Emo-gaze" might be something you never thought you'd want to hear, but San Diego's appropriately named Tape Deck Mountain are emo-gaze to its pleasantly tear-suppressed, whirling core. On slacker hit "Always Lie," something is murmured about Aleister Crowley and probably girls, under a suspension of fuzz. Their upcoming LP, Sway, is inevitably '90s-indebted, floating in dense clouds of guitars and/or feelings, and crashing with seismic sincerity at its moodiest. On tour with LA-based band QunQ, whose muscular math rock should also suffice for those daydreaming of dungarees. With A Province of Thay and Uh Oh Eskimo. Black Lodge, 9 pm.



If you like to absorb sound in lush, intoxicating dream-spells, Seattle electronic pop duo Cock & Swan are certainly worth keeping an ear out for. On their latest album, Secret Angles (out September 10 on Hush Hush), melodies linger in a nebulous state of consciousness, analog synthesizers palpitating ears with irregularity. Ola Hungerford's icy, tingle-spurring vocals rekindle eerie greats like Lætitia Sadier and the late Trish Keenan, and they are well matched with the album's warmly frozen vibes. In an evening promising even more experimental delights, Ionophore's dark, new-agey phosphorescence should win over those seeking chilled-down atmospheres. With humanoid cries emerging from fogged, bliss-toned fractals, the San Francisco group's "neo-classical noise" should spike serotonin levels for lovers of ambient music. Lori Goldston's illuminating cello magic and Corey J. Brewer's improvised, minimal freak sounds round out the bill, but Secret Angles deserves two release shows, so also go see Cock & Swan at Cairo on Saturday. They're playing a positively glistening bill with folk artist Benoît Honoré Pioulard, whose songs are a skeletal, lo-fi wonder. His spidery whisper confounds the senses with simplicity and disorients the listener's scale of vastness like sun-kissed frost on a towering pine. Local ambient hiphop producer IG88's (aka Branden Clarke) ethereal beats add another layer of ice to the night. Both shows push the boundaries of aural sensation, so bring your freak flags at full mast. Thurs at Heartland, 8 pm/Sat at Cairo, 8 pm.