• In a startling turn of events, the resurrected Detroit proto-punk band Death—minus the sadly departed guitarist David Hackney—killed it Friday night at Chop Suey on Día de los Muertos. Death ripped through 14 fiery songs and had Seattle's usually placid gig-goers freaking out from the second they walked onstage. Call it a comeback.

• This weekend's M.I.A. show in NYC opened with a live video address from Julian Assange, the notorious WikiLeaks founder who appeared via Skype to praise M.I.A. as "the most courageous woman working in Western music, no exception." To retaliate, Miley Cyrus will open her NYC show by shooting Edward Snowden out of a glitter cannon.

• The universe's biggest Duran Duran fan—Seattle's Andy "Durandy" Golub—will soon find his life's work in print. After amassing a storage unit full of D2 memorabilia (as seen in the documentary American Collectors), Durandy is publishing a book chronicling Duran Duran's career through select posters from his archive, which will see the light of day by the end of the month.

• Overheard at the Canterbury on October 31: "It's SO SAD this place is closing—the castle-y exterior made me want to come here since I was a little kid." "Well, at least you're here on the last Halloween, dressed as a princess."

• During Slayer's two-song encore at WaMu Theater on Friday (they played "Angel of Death" and "South of Heaven"), two right-side-up crosses, plus a giant banner that said "Hanneman, 1964–2013, Still Reigning," decorated the stage. This tribute to Jeff Hanneman—who died of liver failure in May—seemed a little awkward, as the banner was designed to look like a Heineken beer label.

• R. Kelly fans were outraged last week after waiting three hours for his appearance at the Monroe Civic Center in Louisiana, only to witness a performance by what was reported to be an impersonator named (wait for it) R. Jelly. Fans reportedly paid $150 to see the Trapped in the Closet genius at a promo party for his upcoming record, titled (wait for it) Black Panties, and booed whoever it was off the stage after four minutes. recommended

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