Maybe you’ve been wondering what in blazes Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green has been doing lately. Wonder no longer. He and electronic musician Darrin Wiener—who runs the Imputor label and recorded and performed in the ’00s as Plastiq Phantom and with DJs on Strike!—have a new band called World Gang. On the downlow, they say they’ve been issuing several "experimental ambient improvisations and processed drum breaks via super-limited, hand packaged 8-tracks, cassettes and vinyl."

Now World Gang present a video for the new song “Dolphin Smiles.” (Embedding is disabled, but you can view it here.) It’s the B-side of a 7” single featuring “Mechanic the Mushroom.” “Dolphin Smiles” is a storming stadium rave tune shot through with undercurrents of menace. It doesn’t sound anything like Modest Mouse. Neither does "Mechanic the Mushroom," which comes over like a Basic Channel dub-techno track slowed to a morbid crawl. These two tracks make for a promising start; I'll be keeping tabs on World Gang. The single comes out May 20 on Imputor.