Music Apr 23, 2014 at 4:00 am

Lou Reed Answers Questions Intended for Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground


I am pretty sure my respect for Culkin went up a notch upon hearing about this Pizza Underground.
By far, the most entertaining interview I've read.
This is way better than Boston Magazine's rejected Pizza Underground interview. (…)
This is the best interview ever.
My favorite part of this is the 6'8 Dan or Don wearing an orange camo headband singing Femme Fatale. The mullet ties it off perfectly. Great image.
I want more Lou Reed interviews, this guy is totally no nonsense.
The Lake City QFC has been closed for a long time now. Get the feeling even the fake Lou Reed doesn't exist.
And the laziest Stranger writer in the universe phones another one in. Way to go, Trent, way to go.
Everything Bree said.

@7 - I want this to be real, so I'm suggesting it may have been the Pinehurst QFC, which is arguably Lake City.
Goes between Pinehurst and 145th. Still calls them Lake City. Still live in Lake City
Person in comment 8,

More like he's just better than YOU. You must be one of those "jealous" "asshole" types I hear about on here. Sleep well with that. I think it's interesting you accuse the writer here of being "lazy" and not M. Culkin.
I'm sorry that I can not adequately respond to this story, as I am currently snorting cocaine off the ass of a hooker.
I'm sorry that I can not adequately respond to this story, as I am currently snorting the ass off of a hooker who happens to like cocaine.
I'm pleased to see that Lou II is keeping the Reed attitude going.

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