• Smalltown Supersound
I've already spilled hundreds—if not thousands—of words in which I express my admiration for Swedish-Sierra Leonean avant-pop artist Neneh Cherry, so I'll keep this brief (promise!).

In the months since she released The Blank Project, her first solo album in 18 years, Cherry has been working on visual accompaniment to the songs she recorded with producer Kieran Hebden and instrumental duo RocketNumberNine.

Throughout the new B&W video for "Everything," she dances as photographer-director Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Se7en cinematographer Darius Khondji capture her every move in one continuous shot (Mondino, with whom Cherry worked at i-D magazine, also directed the videos for "Manchild" and "Buddy X").

First, she's so far away, she's practically a speck. Over the course of the 7:32-minute track, Khondji moves in closer as Cherry dances herself into exhaustion. That's it. No band, no backup dancers—no one but Neneh. And an artfully shredded dress that makes her look like the world's grooviest scarecrow.

My takeaway: Cherry, who turned 50 in March, is bursting with more energy and ideas than most people—male and female alike—half her age. But she's still human.

Cherry also stars in a new wave, collage-style video for her "Out of the Black" duet with Robyn, but I didn't like it as much. The Blank Project is out now on Smalltown Supersound (orig release date: Feb 25). The label releases "Everything" as a 12" single with remixes by Villalobos & Loderbauer on June 17.