• At the Rendezvous on Friday, new local band Deep Creep—featuring Andrea Zollo (swoon!), Derek Fudesco, Brian Yeager, and Jeff Alvarez—closed the show (which also featured rad sets from Spencer Moody, Corey J. Brewer, and Joel Culpin) with sweet, sauntering, teal-and-gray pop tunes that made everyone dance like they had been day-drinking in the sun since noon.

• UGH, worst news, you guys! The Jesus Christ Superstar rendition featuring "Johnny Rotten" Lydon (Sex Pistols), Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child), JC Chasez (*NSYNC), and that guy from Incubus has been canceled. The tour was set to start June 9 and would have played at KeyArena on July 10, and we would have dressed in biblical costumes and interviewed everyone in sight. At this time, the cause of the cancellation is murky, but probably had to do with weak ticket sales. Tear.

• Friday night at Cairo was a low-key, gently transcendental opening ceremony for the seventh annual Debacle Fest, featuring outstanding sets by Brain Fruit's Chris Davis, Portland guitarist Spectrum Control (Dewey Mahood), and San Francisco guitarist Danny Paul Grody of post-rock bands Tarentel and the Drift. (Sadly, we missed Jonas Reinhardt's Ganymede film.) The next night at Lo-Fi, Black Lodge, and Victory Lounge, the 23-act barrage of noise, drone, wonky electronica, goth-folk, minimal techno, astral jazz, krautrock, and spoken-word/interpretative-dance/Kid606-style IDM was an overwhelming immersion in the Northwest's weird-music underground. The venues were packed, and people were digging the sounds with gusto—and nobody whooped louder than Debacle founder Sam Melancon. Helluva job, everyone involved with the festival.

Exene Cervenka of legendary LA punk band X has been publicly malfunctioning lately, tweeting that the Santa Barbara shootings were "staged for gun control" and that she's "so sick of these hoaxes." Yikes. Please get well soon, Exene?

• Instruments are not for all seasons, Jen Graves noticed this weekend while at a bookshop on a summery sunny day. A summery sunny day (summery days can be rainy, too, where she is from) is not where a piece of baroque harpsichord music belongs. Maybe that slight upper dinging sound of the harpsichord is too much like the slight pain of a sunburn. Summer is possibly for drums and flutes, although other suggestions are welcomed. Oboes and clarinets feel like autumn. Or is all this crazy-talk?

Lady Gaga had to cancel her KeyArena appearance last week due to severe bronchitis, but fear not little monster bbs! The show has been rescheduled for August 8, and your meat dress will totally keep in the freezer until then. recommended