For Seattle pianist/ambient electronic-music producer Noel Brass, Jr., turning visions into moving swaths of sound is an everyday business. But the favor is not always returned. The Afrocop keyboardist's solo music video debut, for the Soundcloud-released track "Chromatic Skies," is quite a beautiful first foray. The sounds creep in and out of the frame, like some welcome auditory hallucinations, matched perfectly by director Todd Michael Johnson's creatively edited nature shots. For a collection of sounds that can be challenging to wrap one's head around (in a good way), the visuals are an excellent tour guide. The one glimpse (besides the musician himself) of civilization we are shown is shot through a fence, as we observe society from what must be outsider's perspective. Toward the end, we are shown a group of twitching trees from below to quite horrifying effect. Then, the sky and the clouds take over, possibly to symbolize death at the hands of nature, or possibly just to carry your imagination away.