In 1980, a local St. Louis zine, Jet Lag!, interviewed one of the inventors of rock and roll, Mister Chuck Berry, and asked him to review a handful of then contemporary punk and power pop singles. He reviews the Sex Pistols, Talking Heads, the Clash, 20/20, the Ramones, Dave Edmunds, but my fave is his take on Wire's "I Am The Fly" and Joy Divisions's "Unknown Pleasures."

So this is the so-called new stuff. It’s nothing I ain’t heard before. It sounds like an old blues jam that BB (King) and Muddy (Waters) would carry on backstage at the old amphitheatre in Chicago. The instruments may be different but the experiment’s the same.

Heh. Try as I might I can't imagine BB King and Muddy Waters gettin' "angular."

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