Everyone who knows Bob Dylan prolly remembers his duet with Bette Midler, "Buckets Of Rain," on Midler's 1975 album Songs for the New Depression. It was a song Dylan had included—here is a demo-quality sketch of the song from his Blood On The Tracks album. Anyway, here's a clip from the Dylan/Midler "Buckets Of Rain" session. The clip is not super revelatory and it's a bit of a mess, but it's interesting to hear the two casually woodshedding their arrangement and talking shit—as the tape rolls, Bette tells a story about Paul Simon and calls out Patti Smith for not being able to sing in tune and then, at about the 26-minute mark, the pair break into the Miracles' "You Really Got a Hold On Me." Again, this IS a bit of a mess, but it's interesting.

Gosh, these two together are real charming. Also, after listening to this, now I kinda want to investigate Ms. Midler's early catalog; were all her '70s albums this engaging and diverse? And they're all dollar-bin LPs now, so which albums should I pick up, Middler fans?