Seattle Band Map enthusists will love this incestuous collaboration between two beloved local bands that just teamed up to release a set of music videos. The recent Wimps 7" release on Help Yourself Records "Party At The Wrong Time" is depicted as a great time/bad roommate hellscape (that I think MOST of us have been on both sides of at one point or another.)

And in the hard-hitting sequel video, Pony Time's basement rock-out jam "What If You Caught Me?" is disrupted by increasingly dirty trix and bullying from Wimps...

...Notice Wimps frontwoman Rachel Ratner annoyingly fiddling with Luke Beetham's bass tuning pegs, and then later his ear.

Both videos were directed by Pony Time drummer/wunderkind Stacy Peck. Wimps head out for tour this week-check out their tour dates RIGHT HERE.