• The PJ Harvey Tribute Night at Chop Suey on Friday was a packed house. "I forgot that I even liked PJ anymore," I overheard someone say...

Kate Moore (pictured) belted out Harvey's heartbreak anthem "Rid Of Me" with so much precision that at least two people in the audience started crying.

  • Jodi Ecklund

• Speaking of cover bands, upcoming this week: A brand new Cramps cover band called the Human Flys (which features Stranger managing editor Kathleen Richards) are playing a Halloween event called Night of the Living Tributes, on Thursday at the Sunset Tavern with the Dee Dees (a Ramones cover) and Underworld Scum (a Misfits cover band) and then Saturday at Slim’s Last Chance, there's also an all-Cramps tribute night.

• Says Emily Nokes: This happened on Tuesday, but I'm counting it anyway—the bi-monthly Bad Rap night at Speckled and Drake (hosted by DJs Larry Mizell Jr. and Andrew Matson) is so fun! And made me wonder the following things: What happened to Eve? What happened to Missy Elliot? Why doesn't anyone use dog barks as censor tools anymore? Semi-related to the last question: do you remember when DMX sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" a cappella?


• Emily also says: After a hot tip was sent to me declaring the Caramel Apple Sugar Babies to be addictive and amazing, I picked up a box at Walgreens and left them on the candy/cake/carb/sugar snack table in the Stranger office. They're alarmingly green in color, but otherwise the same size and (oddly satisfying) consistency of regular Sugar Babies (what are those, anyway? Semi-hardened almost-caramel globs?). The apple flavor is pleasantly tangy and tasted like the nationally agreed-upon fake-green-apple flavor we've come to know and love, but with less headache. Bethany Jean Clement liked the pop of sour, Anna Minard noted that they were, in fact, addictive, and then someone said "mouthfeel" (ahhhhhhh) and then they were gone.

• Lastly, I took a sharp knife to this squash at a house party, prompting the hosts to change the music from a non-stop loop of the Misfits to a loop of old Slayer jams. Why aren't there any Slayer tribute bands playing this Halloween? I wish I was a musician—I'd try to start an all-female group called Slay-Her.

  • Kelly O