You weren't surprised, surely. You knew what was coming. At least some of us did. If you are a legal adult and were sincerely caught unawares by the grand jury deciding not to indict pig Darren Wilson, e-mail me and I'll buy you lunch. Just expect it to be cheap, and me to be brief. Because I am not here for this shit.

Wilson's testimony—did you read this crap?—is sickening, in both its intelligence-insulting ludicrousness (who has time to hand off a bunch of Swisher boxes in the middle of a fistfight?) and its language. He literally demonizes Brown ("It looked like a demon") as a "Hulk Hogan"–sized monster who eats bullets ("It looked like... it was making him mad that I'm shooting at him").

There are a lot of folks whose belief in the system rightfully burned up that night—word is, just like the Ferguson businesses that hadn't been historically too welcoming to their black customers. Just like Michael Brown's church, burned to the ground. Just like the body of 20-year-old Deandre Joshua—friend of Dorian Johnson (Mike Brown's friend who witnessed the shooting)—shot once in the head and set on fire in his own car.

Not long ago, David Banner asked where all the white rappers were on all this, and after the verdict, they were just as quiet as church mice. Well, except local boy Macklemore—he was out here marching, as I'm sure you heard, and fired off a tweet calling out the injustice and white privilege. But—as he did well to point out to a news camera—this ain't about him and he doesn't deserve a cookie. He was just doing what he's supposed to fucking do, as someone who's supposed to be an ally, as someone who has made a fortune in hiphop—which is apparently too much to ask of Eminem (too busy rapping about beating Lana Del Rey, I guess), Mac Miller (counting his new $10M deal, maybe), Iggy Azalea, G-Eazy, Action Bronson, or a million other white MCs you'd pass the blunt or the fucking mic to.

I know, I know: What do I expect them to do? Maybe it's, y'know, not easy knowing whether or not their input was needed or even wanted. Maybe they "didn't know all the facts." Maybe they're racists. After all, they're American, so yes—except for Iggy, who's from Australia, so triple yes. Being silent or claiming not to have an opinion in times like these make you complicit in all this, for all your days.

Shouts to El-P, though—he and Killer Mike's group Run the Jewels were actually in St. Louis the night that decision came down. Mike, one of the people's sharpest voices in rap today, the son of a former cop, choked back tears as he told that crowd: "These motherfuckers got me today." Even though he knew what was coming. Because, people, and I mean all people of every race and creed: Black Lives Matter. And anybody who actually feels the need to correct or amend that statement must on some level feel otherwise. RIP, Mike Brown and so many others. recommended