City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India

ART Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave,, through Wed Feb 11

Soak your eyeballs in the photography and sculpture of City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India, a SAM exhibit exploring contemporary Indian society and its influences, including "Bollywood movie culture, venerated politicians, religious traditions, and art historical icons." You will see: a full-size glistening red Gandhi delighted by his iPod, a male figure embedded in a wall, a scooter made of gold discs. Thinking about India's past and present is a trip.

Nearby snack: The Crumpet Shop (1503 First Ave) specializes in, um, crumpets. Savory or sweet. I like the walnut, honey, and ricotta option best.


MUSIC Showbox at the Market, 1426 First Ave,, Sun Jan 18

Ayee mama, I know the weed man! The one and only E-40 is playing at the Showbox at the Market with Seattle's sinister son Nacho Picasso. Take it from Mr. 40: "Smoking weed is therapeutic and healin', weed is a muscle relaxer/It's more right than wrong, it helped me write this song."

Nearby snack: Pike Place Chinese Cuisine (1533 Pike Pl), an informal little restaurant with a neat view of the Seattle Great Wheel.

Museum for an Imagined City

ART Soil Gallery, 112 Third Ave S,, through Sat Jan 31

Dude. There's this group exhibition happening at SOIL Gallery in Pioneer Square called Museum for an Imagined City, based on the following trippy idea: "Impressions and ideas of Seattle by a group of artists who have never been there (here)."

Nearby snack: La Bodega (100 Prefontaine Pl S), a small and colorful place right across the street that offers Dominican eats requiring many napkins.

Jessika Kenney: Anchor Zero

MUSIC/ART Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave,, through Sun Feb 1

Stranger Genius in music Jessika Kenney's otherworldly voice and new "spatial anti-choir composition" (!?) are on display via a large-scale video and audio installation at the Frye for her first solo museum exhibition, Jessika Kenney: Anchor Zero. This installation comprises "talismanic scores, ethereal imagery, and interactive spaces," which means you can experience wandering sound, stare at ghostly images, connect with a breathing bamboo frame, and meditate to sounds.

Nearby snack: Vito's (927 Ninth Ave), home of cocktails and Italian food, feels like a mob hideout from another time (gold-flecked mirror-walls!). The Frye also has pretty good pastries from Macrina Bakery in their Gallery Cafe.

Black Breath

MUSIC Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St,, Mon Jan 19

For those who prefer music skewing more toward "brutal bong rips and headbanging," Seattle's hardcore/death-metal/great-hair-having Black Breath are playing the (probably) last Chop Suey show (as we know it) tonight.

Nearby snack: Skillet Diner (1400 E Union St) may not seem very "stoner-friendly," what with the clean tables and condo-owning well-groomed clientele, but its menu items—like the ultimate grilled cheese (add bacon jam, if you must) and cheesecake in a jar—for sure are. If pressed flannel isn't your scene, Bar Sue (1407 14th Ave) is even closer, with cheap drinks and Southern fare like catfish sandwiches and hush puppies.

Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story Onstage

THEATER Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St,, Tues Jan 20–Sun Feb 1

I can't quite imagine what Dirty Dancing the musical entails, but I think we should get really stoned and go... have... the time of our lives (riiiiight?) because there's nothing like watching a bunch of talented people dance out a classic movie that has kind of an intense plot.

Nearby snack: Li'l Woody's (1211 Pine St) is a four-minute walk away and has the best black-bean burger in town, PLUS you can get an order of Crack (fries with a little cup of milkshake to dip them in). They also serve Cheerwine, the best soda ever, usually only seen in the South. recommended