Well, tickle my pickle and feed me call me Molly. There's a gay bar in West Seattle! A GAY BAR! It's called OutWest and it's been there for, like, 20 million years! Well, I guess I sorta knew that way in the back of my brain, but you know me: trapped in the heated throes of passion for our beloved Capitol Hill, I do tend to forget the rest of the world exists. But yes, there are gays in (ahem) WEST SEATTLE, just like everywhere else, and they need to drink and dance and do the nasty like the rest of us, I'm sure. And I'm just bursting with curiosity! What bizarre customs do these faraway gays possess? What odd ways and creeds? Well, one of them for sure is UNDERWEAR PARTIES (saucy!) because recent intelligence tells us that they are throwing one tonight! And it's exactly like it sounds: They dim the lights and close the shades, the music comes on, and the briefs come out to play. Delightful! So it is your duty, gays of regular old Seattle, to grab some flashy undies, investigate this far-off land, revel, and report back. You owe it to anthropology, posterity, and yourself. OutWest Bar, 8:30 pm, free, 21+.



Oh, the Eagle. What would we do without it? (I mean, BESIDES probably save our souls and get some damn sleep.) The dirty bird has been through—and taken us on—some mighty wild adventures since Kevin Kauer and Nark Magazine swooped in, crammed it full of amazing parties and characters, and saved it from an uncertain fate. Well, now the Eagle is playing host to a most curious creature indeed: Greg Slade, the "Bondage Barber" (WHUT?), who I suspect shall be the wildest and weirdest adventure to date. He's gonna strap you down tight and explore that forbidden frontier where haircuts and handjobs collide, the land of "erotic headshaving." Scintillating, I know! More things under the sun, Horatio... more things under the sun... The Eagle, 9 pm, $5 (buzz cuts free), 21+. recommended