Rose Windows have called it quits after four years and two beautiful albums.
Rose Windows have called it quits after four years and two beautiful albums. Lauren Rodriguez

In a statement on their Facebook page today (see below), Seattle psych-folk-blues sextet Rose Windows announced their decision to end the band, about a month before their self-titled sophomore album is due to be released by Sub Pop.

Sometimes in life we come across pure beauty – an experience that moves us towards a sense of hope; a complete respect for the purity and love that life can offer. It’s an experience of this nature that pushes us to create and make the most of what we feel we can offer and share with others. But sometimes it’s not enough. As hard as we try, the creation and experience are meant to end. So sometimes we have to let go. Sometimes we have to learn to walk away instead of holding on. We’ve held on for a long while but the time has come for release. Rose Windows will no longer be moving forward. For the health of the band and the health of each individual member we have to let go. Although this might seem abrupt know that this does not come easy for any of us. We are all heart broken; we are all grieving. But still we have to let go. The music we’ve created will always be close to us and remind us of all the beauty and love the world has to offer. We only hope that it will continue to do the same for all of you.

Produced by Randall Dunn, Rose Windows is a nuanced refinement of their soulful playing and singing and their bold songwriting dynamics. Its nine tracks sound a bit more accessible than those on their 2013 debut, The Sun Dogs. In a review of their 2014 Bumbershoot performance, I wrote, "[Rose Windows'] new songs [sound] like future hits. They've mastered their heavy and light proclivities and learned how to compose HUGE choruses." Rose Windows seemed poised to attain a higher level with this record. Primary songwriter Chris Cheveyo has been working on a solo project, dubbed Dreem House, as is vocalist Rabia Qazi. The band was also slated to celebrate Rose Windows' release May 2 at the Tractor Tavern and to perform at Sasquatch!

Here is Sub Pop's official statement on Rose Windows' split: "We’re proud of our association with Rose Windows and wish them all well. Our only regret is that we don't have more of their records to release. We stand behind the one we have put out and the one we soon will.”