its gonna jump on you baby and its gonna stay in your dress
it's gonna jump on you baby and it's gonna stay in your dress

I've been itching to post this for a long time—the full set from the Gories' 1989 appearance on local Detroit cable TV show Bandin Detroit! It's SO GOOD! I hate that I didn't see them at the time (I don't think they toured down South), so this will hafta do! (swoon) They're raw, out-of-tune, and savage! Surprisingly, they're ALMOST more raw live than on their records; they really could nail the '60s no-count sound. A lot of punters have nodded to soul as being the basis of their SOUND, and while there is plenty of R&B, if you had your ears on in the '80s you'll remember they're a testimony to the importance the big '60s garage compilations released in the '80s; without the killer Back from the Grave and ALL the (mostly) killer Pebbles series, the Gories and the rest of the white-hot early-/mid-'90s garage scene wouldn't have been as turned on or raw.

The Gories have since gotten back together a few times, for tours and all that, but they're all grown up now and they sound different now. I'm stoked they're playing now, but unlike 1989, now they're more rehearsed and a bit more bottom heavy.