Wednesdays are always tricky here at the Homosexual Agenda—a perilous in-between time where events can get utterly lost. It's the day that This Here Rag™ hits the streets, as they say, so it affords very little wiggle room to prepare for the night's happenings. There's barely time to sponge the questionable white stains from one's skinny jeans or even wax one's mustache! And, worse almost, what if the featured event sells out? Well, there's no point fretting over it: That's already happed to tonight's event, a showing of Drag Becomes Him, the world premiere of the long-anticipated Jinkx Monsoon documentary. The event includes the screening, live performances by the Lady of the Moment, onstage interviews, red-carpet reception, and gala after-party at Re-bar (10 pm, $10, 21+). And the sold-out thing bears noting because I have been assured that there shall be a small handful of tickets available at the door for the lucky and determined (cross your fingers! Cross your toes!), and besides: How in the name of all that is unholy could I possibly let it pass unmentioned? I ask you. Cinerama, red carpet 6 pm/film 8 pm, $20, all ages.



And now let us turn a beaded lash toward the world's newest Miss Bacon Strip, a curious and shocking (and apparently minty-fresh) creature called Cucci Binaca. Now, if you've ever crossed Cucci's queer path, and I'm guessing you have, you remember it: She's a rare combination of unsettling, surreal, and unique. According to Cucci, her new show will "be showcasing local drag talent that couldn't get booked anywhere else on a Saturday" (HA!), including Shelita Potroast, Shitney Houston, and Sparkle Leigh! Tonight is the very first installment, but the event already smacks of the weird, punky, funky vibe Seattle hasn't seen since (dare I say it?) our ancient and much missed Pho Bang? There's definitely something brewing here—something sick and weird and good. Kremwerk, 8 pm, $7, 21+.



The boxy, foxy dragster known as DonnaTella Howe is certainly one of the most irrepressible (and did I mention boxy?) queens in town, with new events popping up all over the damn place. Tonight she plucks that most venerable gay tradition out of the hands of blue-haired Catholics and big-ticket fundraisers, bingo, which seems to exert some strange pull over the minds of 'mos for some peculiar reason. (It CAN'T just be the O-69 thing... can it?) It happens every Tuesday henceforward, and special guests will arrive to dazzle and help the night along. 95 Slide, 7 pm, no cover, 21+. recommended