No one speaks of Glamazonia much anymore, and that truly saddens me. She is the legendary local queen of the very much bigness (hence the name), the oh-so-cute-as-a-boyness (with a top-secret identity—like Batman!), of the famous foul mouth, and of the truckloads of cash raised for important gay causes. Where's she been? Where's she at? What's she doing? Where are her manners? Leaving us all to worry and fret in the dark like this, IT SIMPLY WILL NOT STAND. So if you've been wondering, as the hell I have been, brace your brain for some blessed relief: She's back, big as ever, and bringing Purr Cocktail Lounge's sexy-schmexy annual charity Bartender Auction with her! If you have a burning passion to own a bartender for an evening, this is your chance to do it—shenanigans definitely not guaranteed. Monies go to the Inspire Youth Project. Purr, 8 pm, no cover, 21+.



We haven't been to a GlamourPuss in a good long while, and damn it, I'm just missing it to pieces. Like lesbians miss labia. Like the deserts miss Lorraine! (Yeah, I know.) Though it was born at Chop Suey, it's now happening at Therapy Lounge—every Thursday, in fact—but it's still a dance-fueled queer party with a hint of cabaret. And don't let the FANCINESS of it all keep you away. Its original theme was the gilded age, and dressing up was de rigueur, but not anymore, though if you get all schmancy-pants, it's a nice plus. (We all know how we Seattle 'mos like to dress up/costume our beautiful selves.) Featuring Princess Charming and DJ Jackson Human-Hybrid. Therapy Lounge, 9 pm, $3 after 10 pm, 21+.



If there has been a single queer-o-sexual theatrical offering that has captured the minds and ensnared the hearts of the gays at large more completely, EVER, than Hedwig and the Angry Inch, feel free to slap me silly and shake me like a baby. It's remained a salient touchstone of queer-alt theater, and an entrancing event, since its first "Midnight Radio" off Broadway in 1998. (And let's not forget the celebrated, long-running Garrison-Rudinoff production that our own wicked little town launched in late 2000, or the electric revival starring Jinkx Monsoon in 2013–14.) This new offering is brought to us by the ambitious Bold Print Theatre Company and stars Michael Joseph Hanley and Adele Lim. Let's try and tear them down. UW Ethnic Cultural Theater, 7:30 pm, $11 adv/$13 DOS, all ages, May 22–24. recommended