Tonight is that magical night of the year when SIFF casts its SIFF-ly gaze upon the gays, and throws a great big party in honor of all things us. It begins with a movie, of course, so let me just boil the specifics down a bit. It's called Tangerine, and it's a sassy-ass comedy about two teenage transsexual besties who also happen to be big whores... literally. Hilarity ensues. Fun fact: The entire thing was filmed on an iPhone 5. We live in the future! Now, we all know the real fun is the big after-party, which promises to delight our twisted souls with a debauch of music, dancing, food, and booze-fueled elbow rubbings with the screenwriter Chris Bergoch. And what's more glamorous than a good screenwriter? I ask you. Egyptian Theatre (film), 7 pm, Baltic Room (party), $25.



Among the miraculous freaks roaming these mean streets wanders the notable nightmare called Monikkie Shame, Seattle's Premier Shock Queen. She's not like other queens. If you've ever seen her, you've definitely woken up screaming from a dream where she's chasing you down a dark alley throwing a bloody tampon at your head. It's not a bad thing! As the man behind the mask, Nathan Wayne, explains: "And then God threw up Monikkie on the fourth day. Actually, Monikkie started out as a joke. I was into the club/rave scene and always loved getting bloody, 'cause that's my thing. One night, I heard of Butch Queen, so I went to Forever 21 and bought a romper, threw a T-shirt over my face and cut the holes out for eyes, and people really liked it!" Thus, Monikkie Shame was born. Tonight, we have the opportunity to revel in her bloodstained weirdness at a "psychedelic cyber disco costume party" (dress the theme!), also featuring Seattle's favorite go-go girl Kiki D and live sounds from big name and hard-hitting bass men Bleep Bloop and Yheti! Baltic Room, 9 pm, $15 adv/$20 DOS, 21+.



Alea Mahone, better known as DJ Riff-Raff, is a cherished Seattle institution. Night Crush is her signature event, always guaranteed to make your queer little booty shake itself to pieces. She spins a satisfyingly eclectic mix of hiphop, house, and Top 40. Tonight she is bringing the talents of General Meow to the party. Re-bar, 10:30 pm–3 am, $7, 21+. recommended