Björk actually does have a last name, you know. It's Guðmundsdóttir. Roughly translated from the Icelandic or whatever, it means "Ouch, I just shattered my fucking tongue trying to pronounce that crazy shit." (Not a lot of Smiths in Iceland.) But never mind about all that. You can just call her Björk—everyone does, and no one is going to be confused about it. She's the Madonna of artists who are much better than Madonna, and she's been around just as long. You loved her through your angsty teen years, you cherished her during all those bad breakups, and you carry her in your heart to this very moment. Our good friend Pony understands this. And because Pony loves us (it even died for our sins that one time!), it is gifting us with an entire evening dedicated to the singular musical genius known as the Screaming Icelandic Pixie. DJs Ro, Joshua, K-Kost, and Jack presiding, with special performances by Scott Shoemaker, Adé, and more! Pony, 9 pm, free, 21+.



If you haven't noticed—and anyone with eyeballs certainly has—we are living smack-dab in a golden era of "boylesque." I blame Waxie Moon (basically because it's entirely his FAULT). So it was inevitable that someone was going to put together an entire festival celebrating the queer and glamorous art. The event's producers, Jen Gapay and Daniel Nardicio from NYC, have thrown four of these successful events in the Big Apple already, and now they are bringing it to lucky, lucky us! Tonight is the festival's main event, hosted by BenDeLaCreme (where she been?) and featuring the ridiculous talents of Waxie Moon (told ya!), Lou Henry Hoover (welcome home!), LA-based Tito Bonito, Portland-based Russell Bruner, Eddie Van Glam, Mod Carousel, the Luminous Pariah, the alluring Paris Original, and many more! Triple Door, 7 pm (17+) and 10:30 pm (21+), $25 adv/$30 DOS.



I just adore a good mash-up, and not just sexually speaking. (SLUT PRIDE!) Tonight let's take a break from our disco boozery. (There will be more than plenty of that later this month, and you can afford to take a breather. I can hear your liver screaming from here.) You should take in a little culture with this funny musical-theater Frankenstein monster, which takes Judy Bloom's infamous tween novel Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret and slams it together with the magic of—wait for it—the Carpenters. It's appropriately titled Are You There God? It's Me, Karen Carpenter. (Of course it is.) Hugo House, 7:30 pm, $17.50, all ages, June 12–27. recommended