Welcome to that ostensibly kinder, gentler time of year. The Fourth has passed us by, our Pride hangovers are but a misty, throbbing memory, and summer mellows into some serious livin'-is-easy times. But do the drag queens kick off their heels? Do the cage dancers put on some damn pants for a change? NEVER! And so let us dive right in and keep a-rolling in this big queer party we call life. We begin tonight, and let's make it quite simple. Do you, as the kids say, fuck the gender? Is ferocious androgyny your battle flag, your calling card, your muse? Of course it is, and this new night is all about you, for you. Bless you. They! is a genderfuck/genderqueer party with DJs Triton and Dana Dub. Kremwerk, 9 pm, 21+.



Oh, how I have fallen in love with this damn boat! (Can I marry a boat? Is the slope slippery enough yet?) I mean the Islander yacht, of course. And it's not only because some poor fool always seems to be barfing in a corner. (It's the hallmark of a quality event! Pro tip, though, pop some Dramamine anyway.) It just seems like a certain atmosphere is established by having a boatload of beautiful people, all laughing and drinking and dancing and making out (seriously—if I haven't made out with you on this boat, you haven't been on it), far out on the open, um, lake. It's simply not an atmosphere one can conjure in a regular old landlubbing club, hard as one might try. Today's event features some of our perennial favorites: the DJs Almond Brown and Riff-Raff, with DJs Dustin Moye and Binaural—two for the upper deck, two down below, bless their hearts. It also features the human phenom that is Zak the Barber, the club star who seems to be making an incredible impact on any and all fun to be had on these salty shores. The Islander Yacht, 3–7:30 pm, $20, 21+.


And then! Once we de-yacht and catch our breath a bit (no chance!), there is just enough time for a refreshing disco nap (15 minutes, tops!) before we fancy ourselves up and away to fagtabulous Kremwerk (I just can't get enough of that place) for the Bottom 40 Beer Bust! Everything is beautiful and cheap there... the crowd, the boozes, the everything! And it's brought to you by Nark, Pavone, Hyasynth, and Spaceotter, so you know it's quality filth. Kremwerk, 7–10 pm, $10, 21+.recommended