I <3 Yelp LOL
"I <3 Yelp" LOL

You can keep your block parties, your assorted feel-good street festivals, and certainly your Bumbershoots. Capitol Hill survivor Linda's Tavern has the cure for what ails you: a pitch-black, blisteringly furious night of free music on August 15th. That's right, it's the 666th Annual Linda's Fest! Though their math seems suspect (has it already been 666 years? Time flies), the talent on hand is undeniable: hardcore heathens Black Breath, punky polymaths Helms Alee, Olympian hesh squad Christian Mistress, laser-precise riffers Kinski, and acid-fried garage rockers VHS. Like bread and poetry, Linda's Fest is for everyone, which is why it's free. Go show your support for one of the last bastions of the Old (New) Capitol Hill, why don't you?