Why don't they change their band name to Pol Pot?
Fuck the protesters. The Vietminh were a legitimate military force backed by the legitimate government of Vietnam, you know the people who now run the country. Yeah, stupid white kids using that name is asinine, but let's not pretend the U.S. and our puppet government in South Vietnam were the "good guys" in what amounted to an imperialist war the U.S. should never have gotten involved in.

And as for Cato's comment at #1: You know who ended Pol Pot's regime? The relatively sane people who won the Vietnam war.
Maybe they could change their name to Jizzlobber.
#4: Sounds legit. It's a great Faith No More song to name one's band after.
This is starting to remind me of the old punk days, when offensive band names were de rigueur. Now bands like the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks, and the Dead Kennedys* are just marketed to sell cars & butter.

*speaking of Pol Pot!
And sarcasm is lost on the uptightness located at #3....

Moving on
#7: I recognized the sarcasm. It just sunk it late.
I predict this will help ticket sales
I cannot imagine Dead Kennedys changing their name because of a handful of idiot social justice warriors.

The whole idea of being in a rock band is notoriety and publicity. These emo idiots should be embracing it, but instead they're wussing out.

Their bad. But sat no point in history does a real rock band cave in willingly to overly sensitive censorship. Far from it. It used to be bands sought this kind of stuff out.
#11- they're canadian! they apologize for anything and everything.
Oh, cool, a whitesplaining thread.
maybe they should call themselves Viet Cuntz
#13: Being against any and all censorship and being pro open society is not white/mansplaining. Come up with a better term. Or maybe just run with the pro closed society position.
#14: Perfect.
How about the Dead Diems?
How long are we going to continue to let words hurt us?
I'm not a crazy freedom freak but let's get real.

I just want to bring up a point, Jan. 7. 2015 at Charlie Hebdo offices, 12 people gunned down over WORDS! Who was the bad guy in that situation? Who was chanting freedom then?
I know this is peaceful but people are getting worked up. Should we kill these guys because they picked an off-color name?

They're changing their name because the children can't take it. End of story. Why protest?
You can complain about anything these days and make it in the news. People are a little too touchy and I frankly don't give a fuck. Which is what Viet Cong should have did before apoligizing. (I don't really blame them for wanting to keep a career but come on)

Change the name to Victor Charlie and they'll be happy :)
Wonderful thing about the Internet, there is always something to be outraged about, and there is never a shortage of people who will be outraged.
The Viet Cong won the war. However we may feel about them, I think that gives them some legitimacy. And it's a bit difficult to fault them for their tactics when America was 1, the outside invader, 2. far better equipped, and 3. pretty ruthless as well. It's only upsetting to people because they were on the losing end of the war. It's still a stupid name, but I think the name being racist is super clear cut.
*is not super clear cut
White Americans naming their band "Dead Kennedys" is one thing.

White Americans naming their band after the army that kicked our asses a few decades ago, and then established the legitimate government in a country with which we now have diplomatic relations, is another. Maybe like a German band calling themselves "G.I. Joe" or "Allied Liberators of Europe".
The Viet Cong never did anything wrong to the southern Vietnamese who opposed Soviet communism. The protesters have zero gripe.

Regardless, the "micro-agression" of their band name should require them to do jack shit. Keep the fucking name.
They should change their name to the Hmong Crips.
@22 Viet Cong are from Canada.
This makes me want to buy a bunch of tickets to the show. We have real problems in our local and global communities. What some kids name their band is absolutely not one of those problems.

The only way I would boycott this venue would be if they actually canceled the show because some people were offended by this band's name.

What a fucking waste of activist energy that could have gone into protesting something of real significance.
Call the pmrc , pussies. hey dude, what are you doing tonight? oh just protesting a pretty crappy band called viet cong, then going to a club called chop suey.
@27 "It's cool man, I took the post colonial novel in college."

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