Dont you want to know what a movie called The Haunted P***y is like?
Don't you want to know what a movie called "The Haunted P***y" is like?

Our critics have recommended plenty of certifiably excellent events for you this week, but, if you're looking for something fun to do that's further off the beaten path, we've got you covered.


Soup and Cinema: Elling
This fall, the Nordic Heritage Museum will serve hot soup, fresh bread, coffee, and cookies while screening a Scandinavian film as part of the Soup and Cinema program. October's film is Elling, Which won prizes for Best Nordic Film and Best Script at the Stockholm International Festival in 2001, and received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

Dean Ween Group
Dean Ween, formerly of Ween (duh), will perform his "unapologetically" weird rock (mock-prog! Intentionally offensive parodies!) tonight at the Showbox.

Tarot Card Tuesday
Free tarot readings at the ever-classy Sorrento! Just watch out for the Hanged Man.


Zombie Cheerleaders from Hell
This show bills itself as "a "spooky-sexy evening of terrifying masks and pretty pasties, black cats and twerking booties, sweet transvestites and dancing cuties." Sometimes you just have to let the PR copy speak for itself.


Naomi Punk
We once said that the interludes on Naomi Punk's albums sound like "inverted carnival music", which is pretty strange, but mostly they're just great purveyors of smart, heavy, punky post-grunge.

Smut Without Smut
A fundraiser for the American Genre Film Archive and Something Weird Video Kickstarter campaign. A double feature of The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire and The Haunted P***y.


Led Zeppelin Blunch
The owner of Revolver Bar has invented a new meal: blunch. If we were to guess it's probably a combination of brunch and lunch, and it happens between noon and four.


OC Notes and Diogenes
Brain-twisting hiphop/electronic producer Diogenes and Genius nominee OC Notes bring their excellently warped frequencies to the Crocodile.

Here's the rest of the things to do this week, next week, and beyond.