No record store after all
No record store after all emerge/Shutterstock

Bad news for Jigsaw Records: It will not be holding a grand opening October 17 as originally planned, according to proprietor Chris McFarlane, due to the building, which also houses the Josephine DIY performance space, not being zoned for retail. "Even though I had looked this up months ago, and found it on the King Country Assessors website zoned as retail, the city's office apparently tells a different story," McFarlane says. "Therefore, I cannot open as planned, and will have to delay the shop's opening until after this is rectified."

According to lease-holders/talent-bookers Malaki Stahl and Olivia Mendez, the Ballard-based Josephine is planning to reopen in early 2016 for performances. Also in the works within the space are an electronics repair shop and a recording studio.