Seattle DJ/producer Raica (Chloe Harris) is included in the massive database of Many Many Women.
Seattle experimental-electronic DJ/producer Raica (Chloe Harris) is included in the massive database of Many Many Women. Kelly O

Wayward Music curator and Seattle musician Steve Peters has created a website dedicated to documenting women in avant-garde/experimental music and other sonic disciplines. Titled Many Many Women, the site is a huge and ever-growing resource for exploration and consciousness-raising—and talent booking, should you be in the show-promotion business. It's also a refutation to those who think there's a dearth of female composers and performers.

Peters describes his project:

Several years ago, a bright and talented pianist told me that she had gone through her entire Juilliard education having heard of only five female composers – three of whom were dead. I started making her a list, but it got a little out of hand and so here we are.

The focus of this index is on women in contemporary/post-classic composition, free improvisation and avant jazz, electronic/electroacoustic music, sound art, sound installations, radio art, etc. A few of these artists may also work within relatively mainstream forms (rock, singer-songwriter, folk, dance music), but they are included here because of their more experimental work. I’ve also included some classical composers who lived and worked in the early part of the 20th century; while their music may be more conventional by current standards, they deserve recognition as pioneers in their own right. For the sake of focus and my sanity, this list is limited to generative artists only, and excludes performers who are strictly interpreters.

UPDATE: On December 24, Peters appointed Megan Mitchell (aka DJ Degenerate of the MOTOR Collective and TUF) as proprietor of Many Many Women.

If you want to add any names to Many Many Women, you can contact Mitchell at Make sure the names are not already catalogued and send one link per name, along with the artist's country of origin/residence.