35. What do you do when you're by yourself?

I count raisins. β€”Zach Galifianakis

34. Did you eat grits?

I didn't eat any grits, I don't think. Is that pork? β€” Stuart Murdoch, Belle and Sebastian

33. Please watch this video of a baby cow being born and describe it in one word.

Fine. β€” Bree McKenna, Childbirth

32. Did you know wildebeest is not spelled "wildabeast"? They can also be called gnus. Who the hell calls a wildebeest a gnu?

Good question. I can't spell. β€”Yukimi Nagano, Little Dragon

31. I've got the all-access Manilow pass.

I didn't know we were doing that. What sort of access is it? β€”Barry Manilow

30. There's a rodeo sport where children grab on to the back of sheep. Do you know mutton busting?

I don't know that, unfortunately. I won't be busting any mutts. β€”John Taylor, Duran Duran

29. You're firing guns underwater in the video. How did you film the underwater shots?

It was high-quality shit. β€”OCnotes

28. What do the Rolling Stones serve for their welcome-to-the-band dinner?

I had my first Peking duck. β€”Karl Denson

27. Would you consider yourself a wizard?

You mean like a wizard that casts spells with a wand? β€”Willie Nelson

26. Do you tan?

[Pauses] Yes. β€”Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West

25. Is solving a really hard equation similar to sex at all? Are endorphins released?

Endorphins are released, yes. But I would caution you about being too reductive. I know journalism is a narrowing chasm of click-bait trash, but knowing nothing about you, I think you are above that. β€”Dan Snaith, Caribou

24. Can you baptize me over the phone?

Press play on the ocean, swim to God. β€”Lee Scratch Perry

23. [I told him the Naked Mole Rat Challenge was an outreach program and asked what he thought of Mastodon.] Was the music a good match for the mole rats?

We're all God's creatures, you know? β€”Tom Araya, Slayer

22. You could always just say it's a societal metaphor for overconsumption and how the Earth Mother is eventually going to vomit everything back up.

True. β€”Alicia Bognanno, Bully

21. I can't believe people do acid and huff Freon at the same time. Of course they're gonna pull their intestines out and eat their own shit.

America seems to have about 80 percent more of these cases than anywhere else we tour. β€”Bill Gould, Faith No More

20. In the United States, we call that Fox News.

People who want change are marked as progressive, and those in power want to keep their power, so they mute the progressives. β€”Kayus Bankole, Young Fathers

19. What do white people need to know?

If someone's 80-year-old grandmother is afraid to call the police because of what might happen, then there needs to be complete police reform. β€”Aeon Fux

18. What parts of American culture do you think are the strangest?

Nothing seems weird to me. I'm just very curious about Mormonism. β€”Peng Lei, New Pants

17. What is it about the aspects of a battle that fit with your music? People full of vodka on the dance floor battling for mates? Battling to procreate to further the species?

It's not a literal thing. β€”RL Grime

16. What's a song you've written that came out of nowhere? Like, while you were staring into the toaster, watching the heating coils glow oranger and oranger.

My latest song is called "New Moon Over the Hudson." It didn't happen from staring into the toaster. β€”Judy Collins

15. Please tell me about your mom having to be in the room when you filmed your McLovin love scene for Superbad.

So my mom had to drive down and chill on set while I shot my sex scene. She was a proud mother. β€”Christopher Mintz-Plasse

14. Do you have more of an appreciation for Macklemore now, after finding the Lombardi sweater at a Goodwill?

No. β€”Sean "Prawn" McEvoy

13. Do you want to hold the Spirit Box upside down, with your left hand, the way Hendrix played guitar?

No. β€”Ken Arnold, Puget Sound Ghost Hunters

12. What about the mystery meat? Do ghosts of the cafeteria whisper about questionable stroganoffs?

Oh yeah. Stroganoffs and stews. There may even be some whispers of soy-based products. β€”Brandon Summers, the Helio Sequence

11. Do you consider yourself a medium? Can you tell which reptiles are aliens?

I mean yeah, I usually wear a medium or small. β€”Josh McCormick, Charms

10. Tell me about the guy you met in Arizona named Scotch.

He'd been there since 4 p.m., trading the OxyContins he had for his back pain for Long Island iced teas. Instead of heckling us, he'd be like: "No, no, nooo, that sounds too much like Donovan." β€”Brian Noyeswatkins, Tomten

9. If you could have a vial of sweat from any musician ever, whose would you choose and what would it taste like?

I'd say Guy Fieri if it's open. It would taste like the most intense and lingering ghost pepper sauce, with a subtle yet distinct bleach tone. I'd pair it with a delightful Riesling. β€”Thomas Burke, Blood Drugs

8. Describe the elements of your sound in metaphorical terms. Maybe Sebastian's drumming is something surprising, like a hummingbird.

My spirit animal name was Raging Ferret for about 25 minutes. It didn't really stick. β€”Sebastian Thomson, Trans Am

7. What's your advice for new drummers?

If you can't keep steady time, you won't get gigs. β€”Matt Cameron, Pearl Jam/Soundgarden

6. There's no way you didn't play the song "Love Gun." Everyone's played "Love Gun."

Pretty positive there was no "Love Gun." β€”Adam Stephens, Two Gallants

5. So after jamming a song for 18 minutes in front of a couple thousand people, you're thinking about folding laundry? No way.

Yep. Sorry. β€”Mark Gardener, Ride

4. Have you ever rammed your nuts into the corner of a pool table? Or put a Matchbox car up your ass or anything?

Maybe not either of those things specifically. I don't want to back myself into a corner and say I've never rammed my testicles into a pool table, because it's possible it's happened accidentally. β€”Dave Harvey, Nudity

3. Let's give you a trucker CB handle, since we're driving. I'm Rubber Ducky.

I'll be Glove Tan. I wear gloves in the sun, therefore Glove Tan. β€”Galen Disston, Pickwick

2. What did you learn about Purple Mark?

I thought he got his name by changing his outfits, hair, and beard to multiple colors. He actually got the name because he was struck by lightning as a kid. β€”Jessica Ornelas, #LOVETHEHILL

1. Does your mind ever wander when you play? Like, have you ever had a microscopic vision of a sperm penetrating an egg to start a human life? Or have you ever become a mosquito that lands on a fried Twinkie at a fair outside Albuquerque? You try to suck blood, but you suck the Twinkie's cream filling, and for whatever reason, the sugar makes your mosquito brain think you're Neil Patrick Harris, who's from New Mexico, believe it or not. Then the cream filling kills you.

These are great thoughts. β€”Bill Frisell