A December 23 extravaganza at the Neptune will serve as a victory lap of sorts for Grant Eadie, the 23-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist who records as Manatee Commune.

Eadie's stock soared in 2016, after an EP and an LP on Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz label, and tours with the likes of Emancipator and Bonobo. Eadie told me the Neptune Theatre will be transformed into a snow globe for the event, which he's calling "Manatee Commune on Ice." He also promises that his already very interactive live show will be accentuated by bells and whistles like projection mapping and art installations conjured up by Eadie's roommate Casey Scales. The two came up with the "On Ice" concept while trading ideas in the Bellingham house where Eadie recorded Manatee Commune earlier this year.

The album features guest vocals—rising Detroit singer Flint Eastwood helped make "What We've Got" a bona fide hit, and Northwest vocalists Marina Price and Moorea Masa also make multiple appearances. Masa will be joining Eadie for the entire Neptune set.

Eadie called Masa "a really spiritual person and performer" and said that "recording with her really helped open me and my process up. "

Back to Manatee Commune on Ice, which Eadie hopes to make a yearly tradition—there remains only one question, to which the answer, sadly, is no.

"If I could afford to rent out an ice rink, I'd totally do it!" Eadie laughed. "Maybe next year." recommended