The coolest women, now all in one band.
The coolest women, now all in one band. Sarah Cass

Bree McKenna, Robin Edwards, and Julia Shapiro (of Tacocat, Lisa Prank, and Chastity Belt, respectively) just teamed up to make Seattle’s newest supergroup, Who Is She?, and it’s the best thing ever.

Who Is She? started when Edwards and McKenna were both living in the legendary Seattle punk house Spruce House and started making songs based off of The Stranger’s very own Lovelab ads. Realizing they needed a drummer, they quickly enlisted the help of ultra-cool Chastity Belt frontwoman Julia Shapiro. The three started writing songs about cute strangers they admired on the bus, and went back to the late '90s and early 2000s to talk about hard-hitting topics such as the irresistible chemistry between Courteney Cox and David Arquette in the Scream franchise.

“Top 8” is the first peek at their new album, Seattle Gossip. The track combines the quirkiness of all three’s respective projects to create a catchy, relatable tune about desperately trying to get into someone’s Myspace Top 8. The trio perfectly captures the very real insecurity over needing to look cool online—sometimes even more so than IRL.

Seattle Gossip is due out October 6 on Father/Daughter Recordss. Anyone who has fallen in love with the goofy, charismatic charm of Lisa Prank, Chastity Belt, and Tacocat will easily fall in love with this record too. Pre-order it here.