Still dead, still rich.
Still dead, still rich. Carl Cour/Getty Images

Just in time for Halloween, Forbes released their annual list of the top 13 highest posthumously paid celebs. However spooky the idea may be of dead people getting paid millions of dollars after they died (and even weirder that Forbes actually calls the list "The 13 Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities"), Forbes investigated the most affluent deceased stars, and spoiler: They all still make more than you do.

The reigning King of the Afterlife (and the King of Pop) is Michael Jackson. He's topped the list for the fifth year in a row, earning $75 million over the past year. This paled in comparison last year's haul of $825 million, largely due to the sale of half of his catalogue to Sony/ATV.

Coincidentally, CBS also premiered Michael Jackson’s Halloween this weekend, an hour-long special featuring Jackson animated as a dancing pumpkin set to a soundtrack of his music.

Arnold Palmer came in second with $40 million. The golf legend apparently has a ton of licensed goods, from apparel to AriZona teas (AriZona said that they produce over 400 million cans of their Arnold Palmer tea per year).

To all those wondering where a dead person's money is going besides to their living family members, Palmer's riches are increasingly going to the charities he supported during his life. His own charity, Arnie's Army, focuses on advancements in children's health. There's also the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament, where proceeds are sent to the Palmer Medical Center.

Rounding out the top five richest skeletons is Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, who ranked third, earning $38 million, and Elvis Presley, who came in fourth with $35 million. Presley is up from last year’s $27 million due to a new entertainment complex and hotel that opened this year in Memphis, Tennessee. Bob Marley ended up in fifth with $23 million, due to his children's business ventures, like Bob Marley audio products, the Bob Marley Beverage Co., and Marley Natural, a cannabis company.

Even in the afterlife, men still get paid millions more than women. Elizabeth Taylor is the highest paid woman, coming in at No. 12 with $8 million, and Bettie Paige came in at No. 13 with $7.5 million.

After Tom Petty's death on Oct. 3, 2017, he became eligible for this list, and ranks 6th place with $20 million, in part due to his last tour, where the band was grossing around $1 million per night.

Other recently deceased musicians made the list as well, with Prince coming in at No. 7 ($18 million) and David Bowie at No. 11 ($9.5 million).

While he didn't make it this year, some suspect that Frank Zappa will make the 2018 list, as his son just announced that he's created a hologram of his dad. Although he's not the first (peep Tupac at Coachella 2012), there's talk of bringing the holographic Zappa on tour in 2018.

The full list of the wealthiest corpses is can be found at Forbes, and with a combined worth of $312 million, they're more valuable dead than you'll ever be alive.