Crater, the duo of Ceci Gomez and Kess Gordon.
Crater, the duo of Ceci Gomez and Kess Gordon. Courtesy of Crater's Facebook

After seeing that they had changed their Facebook cover photo to a glowing mix of orange and purple shades, I thought something might be up with electronic duo Crater.

From there, Crater (Ceci Gomez and Kess Gordon) proceeded to drop teasers on their Facebook page for the past few weeks about releasing new music soon, and today, Crater are back with their first single, “Novocaine,” off of their upcoming sophomore record Unearth.

In line with their glowing debut album, Talk to Me so I Can Fall Asleep, “Novocaine” incorporates Crater’s moody, industrial tone with slightly less noise. Although I loved the seemingly endless amounts of samples and synths on the first record, "Novocaine" is more direct, with less distraction—but still just as captivating.

Crater said the track references the inner workings of someone who knows they’ve gone off the deep end. The song starts off with an airy ethereal intro, before adding a few layers of rolling synths. A computerized sample softly speaks, "The novocaine when I'm with you, unknown pleasure" before the track slowly lurches into something more menacing.

“I don't trust myself,” vocalist Ceci Gomez croons through levels of distortion and broken syllables about halfway through the song, before piercing synths take control. The soft-intro-turned-threatening dance track personifies the feelings of someone who begins to realize all the chaos they’ve caused.

In the three months since I caught Crater for the first time at Bumbershoot, I've been waiting for new music from them. They played a couple of new tracks during their set, which left me itching to hear more, and unfortunately, “Novocaine” has done everything but numb my desire to hear even more from the Seattle/LA based duo.

“Novocaine” is available on Spotify, and their second record Unearth will drop on Jan. 12.