Young Americans cover a Bowie deep cut.
Young Americans cover a Bowie deep cut. Kylmyys

Seattle electronic duo Kylmyys have released a cover of David Bowie's sublimely solemn, Eno-assisted "Subterraneans" off his classic 1977 LP, Low (ranked No. 1 on Pitchfork's top albums of the '70s list, for what it's worth). It's a reverent, tenderly melancholy treatment, reflecting Kylmyys' sadness over losing the iconic, chameleonic rock star, who died two years ago on this date. "[Bowie] left an immense void in the music world," Kylmyys understate on their Bandcamp page. Listen below. To further commemorate this occasion, you may want to (re)read Sean Nelson's excellent Bowie eulogy, as well.