Reunited and it feels so good: Kim and Kelley playing for MTV back in 1993.
Reunited and it feels so good: Kim and Kelley playing for MTV back in 1993. JEFF KRAVITZ VIA GETTY IMAGES

The Breeders have announced the release of their fifth album, All Nerve (March 2, 4AD)—which will be the band’s first new outing in 10 years. And they’ve even sweetened the deal with TWO deals—the album and forthcoming tour features the original Last Splash lineup of twins Kim and Kelley Deal, plus bassist Josephine Wiggs, and drummer Jim Macpherson.

And from the sounds of the title track, released yesterday on Spotify, fans of the 1993 album that cannonballed the band into '90s alt-rock stardom will be pleased to know that Kelley’s still churning out fuzzy, slushy guitar riffs spilling over with boundless energy, and ex-Pixies bassist Kim is still very much in touch with her grunge-pop past.

Right now, the song is only available for free on Spotify, but for those who don’t have (or choose not to deal with) that, you can quench your thirst for sparkling and crisp Deal duets via this video for another single from All Nerve, "Wait in the Car," released back in October:

Though the band has had a revolving door of no less than a dozen members (including Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses and Belly) over the years, we all know it’s really about the Deals, right?

It’s not the first time that Kim and Kelley (sometimes bandmates, occasionally rivals, and always sisters) have worked together since the original lineup’s dissolution into drugs back in 1995—they’ve been recording together on and off since then, and they came back together for a Last Splash reunion tour in 2013.

The Breeders' new world tour kicks off in April, and they’ll be here in Seattle at Showbox Sodo on April 13.

I’ll be there too, divinely hammered.