Hollow Earth Radio

Wildly eclectic community radio organization and performance venue Hollow Earth Radio recently acquired from 20/20 Cycle a "TwinBox," a large wooden mailbox that was part of the original set from Twin Peaks' Great Northern Hotel, which was actually the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie, Washington. Now the radio station (aka KHUH) is using to lure in potential members. For $20 a month, you can secure your own slot in said mailbox. In their usual quirky manner, HER's operatives are framing the offer for this platform, called "MeetMail," as an escape from the digital hellscape and a return to the supposedly more trustworthy model of communication that is analog messaging.

What do you get for your monthly $20 MeetMail fee? A "hand-crafted ‘hotel key’ keychain that corresponds to one of the room numbers in the Great Northern Lodge mailbox set piece." But it doesn't unlock anything; you need to go to the station during public hours and show your number to the receptionist so you can retrieve your mail. Members' slots will be filled with gifts selected by HER/KHUH DJs, including mixtapes, zines, letters, oddities from Goodwill, and random stuff from the station's studio and offices.

The HER brain trust says, "MeetMail will be one part White Elephant Gift Exchange, one part middle-school locker, and one part a complete replacement for your boring old email address that never has anything good in it any damn way." You can also send things to MeetMail members by including the recipient's box number on an envelope or package to Hollow Earth Radio, 2018a E. Union St, Seattle WA 98122. Go here for more info. (Note: All donations to HER/KHUH are tax-deductible.)