The M44-7, a key member of Shures cartridge family.
The M44-7, a key member of Shure's cartridge family. Shure

If you're one of those charming analog-forever types who will never stop using turntables, you've probably heard that Shure will be discontinuing its cartridge line this summer. This news caused some ripples of anxiety and consternation among DJs, as Shure has been one of the most respected names in the phonograph business for 90 years. In a statement about the decision, Shure's public relations department wrote:

In recent years, the ability to maintain our exacting standards in the Phonograph Cartridge product category has been challenged, resulting in cost and delivery impacts that are inconsistent with the Shure brand promise.

In light of these conditions, and after thorough evaluation, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Shure Phono products effective Summer 2018.

Given our decades-long history of participation in the Phono category, we recognize that this decision may come as a disappointment to our channel partners and end users.

...We believe that the proud legacy of Shure Phono is best served by exiting the category rather than continuing production under increasingly challenging circumstances.

For Seattle-area DJs and vinyl-lovers concerned about the loss of Shure cartridges, Hawthorne Stereo manager Matthew Counts assures them that his store will "continue to carry styluses that fit the Shure DJ carts and we've got loads of DJ carts from Ortofon. We're also trying Audio Technica's new DJ cart and expect it to be a great solution, as well."